Waterloo in 15 minutes

We have made plans to develop a regiment level Waterloo hex-game, but accidentally we managed to start project for 15 minutes battle of Waterloo. This should be out soon and first components are already ordered. The graphics below are not final. According play testing, the gaming time seems to be less than 30 min when you explain rules for new players and about 15 min after players know the rules. French player has many different strategies to choose, but playing Wellington is more boring when you just wait Prussians and use reserves to fill losses in the front line. But because game is so fast you have always time to play twice so both players can see the battle from both sides.


4 comments on “Waterloo in 15 minutes
  1. Robert Caplinger says:

    Nice game, and components.
    Played the first game French were doing quite well, took Hougomont, La Haye Sainte, was keeping Prussians at bay, Ney’s charge was doing well, Lost GB and then Morale check at 4 French Lost and the Guard was going in the next turn.

    Now ???? Does GB COUNT AS A CASUALTY ON CHART for hits, it is not a Division, but is a casualty.
    also HOUGOMONT AND LAHAYE AND Plancenoit, are they casualties on chart, OR JUST A TAKE OVER PLACE?

    Morale point marking only comes from a FM or AM or the loss of the GB totally, is that correct?

    Need to get this listed on boardgamegeek, I think a lot of people would jump on it. I would reply positively.

    • U&P Games says:

      If I understood right, your question is for victory point calculation? Only lost division markers are calculated for casualties (not GB, La Haye Sainte or Hougomount). Also Prussian are not taken account when determining the victory points. Morale points take account only FM an AM, not Grand Battery.


  2. don draper says:

    does grand battery casualty count as a division and put on track like a division marker?

    • U&P Games says:

      No, Grand Battery markers are not put to the casualty track. Those are only removed from the battle field.