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U&P Games

Welcome! We are a small company focused to design and publish board games in a very irregular schedule. Our HQ is located in Helsinki, Finland.

Our publications
As far we have managed to publish the following games. Click the name of the game to get more information about that game.

  • FUBA – tactical football game. A grand tactical simulation of a football match. If you like football and board games you might like this game.
  • W1815. Battle of Waterloo in 15 minutes. A tiny wargame with very simple mechanics. If you are familiar with the events of that battle you might like this game.
  • Helsinki 1918 – German intervention to the Finnish Civil War. A hex game about a battle of our home town.

In the pipeline
All our publications are based on our own interest to play those games. We publish only games we like to play. If you look what we are currently playing you can get idea what we might publish in someday.

How to order
You can mail your order at orders@upgames.fi according to the instructions at the order page. Please read also the terms & conditions.

Contact us
You are always welcome to contact us if you have any question about our games or gaming at generally. Also if you are visiting in Finland and want to play some games! Find our contact details at the contact page.

U&P Games Crew