U&P Games Ltd

U&P Games Ltd

Uusitalo & Paqvalin Games Ltd. is a Finnish game company, which was founded in 2012. Our main business is to design and publish board games. Kim is our graphic designer and Hannu writes the rulebooks for the games. So we focus to publish only games which we have designed by ourselves.

U&P Games design process
Kim makes graphic ideas for games he would like to publish and Hannu writes rules for games he would like to publish. Thus we have a lot of game game prototypes without rules and also a lot of rule books without prototypes. Sometimes accidentally we manage to focus to a same project. This has happened three times in our company history: FUBA, Helsinki 1918 & W1815.

CEO, Graphic designer
Kim Paqvalin

Game designer
Hannu Uusitalo
+358 50 344 5508

Jari Kemppainen