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U&P Games’ design archive

Due the lockdown we decided to publish some of our old game design projects available free print and play versions. Many of our projects has entered only once of few times to a gaming table before moved aside due lack

Helsinki 1918: designer’s comments

Here are some comments from the game designer’s view. Few years ago we decided to make a game about Battle of Helsinki 1918 and publish that game before the 100th anniversary. I spent quite long time thinking what kind of

Helsinki 1918 printing starts

Helsinki 1918 game is now ready and the printing starts soon. It should be out 11th of April. We will open an order form immediately after we get the final price from the printing company. Here are some photos of

Busy packing line…

We are currently bit busy with the orders. We will handle all orders, but it might take 3-4 days more than usually. Even our CEO has joined to the packing line. In the picture below he is carrying orders he

W1815 shipping starts 7.4.

W1815 is now printed and we will start shipping on Tuesday 7.4. The final price is 25€ INCLUDING economy shipping world wide. The wrong date in the cover is fixed, thanks for all people noticed us.  


Our new game W1815 is ready and will be printed during following days. Should be available at the end of this month. Price is somewhere around 20€

FUBA 2.0/Expansion

The playtest version of FUBA 2.0 is now available at: The rulebook is not yet final, but includes all major changes like new movement rules and new control check. Some more updates like weather rules and more player skills will

Waterloo in 15 minutes

We have made plans to develop a regiment level Waterloo hex-game, but accidentally we managed to start project for 15 minutes battle of Waterloo. This should be out soon and first components are already ordered. The graphics below are not