FUBA – tactical football game


Players: 2
Age: 14+
Playing time: 60 min
Designer: Hannu Uusitalo
Artist: Kim Paqvalin
Football adviser: Jaakko Uusitupa

FUBA is a tactical football simulation. This smart, fast-paced game takes on the world’s number one sport from a tactical view. In FUBA, you become the head coach and choose the strategy for your team. Control the midfield with 4-5-1? Use two forwards to secure the win with 4-4-2? The choice is yours.


The game is resolved quicker than a real match, in less than an hour. FUBA is played in turns, with an average of 23 turns per each half. The player controlling the ball chooses the action his team will go for, and then both players roll the dice to see the outcome. After this, both players move their team according to the tactics they have chosen. There is always a small chance of random events such as a yellow or red card.

FUBA 2.0 rulebook is available free PDF version.

Currently a boxed version is not available, but all components required to play are available in following packs. You need one gaming mat, two FUBA teams and one referee pack to play FUBA.

FUBA team pack
Price: 8€ (inc. VAT 24%)
Contents: Player pieces for one team (inc. three substitution players), condition point markers, a condition card and a bench card.


There are thirteen different team colors:
Green, Light green, Blue, Dark blue, purple, black, orange
Yellow, Light yellow, Light blue, White, Pink, Red

FUBA colours

FUBA referee pack
Price: 8€ (inc. VAT 24%)
Contents: Three referee pieces, ball die, D6 dice, 16 team tactic cards and a red card.

referee pack

FUBA gaming mat
Price: 10€ (inc. VAT 24%)
Contents: One FUBA rubber gaming mat.