Helsinki 1918 – German intervention to the Finnish Civil War

Estimated publishing date: 10.4.2018
Playing time: 180-240 min
Design: Hannu Uusitalo
Artist: Kim Paqvalin
Price estimation: 35 € (+ shipping 5€)

Helsinki 1918 is a war game for three players about the German invasion to Helsinki at 1918 during Finnish Civil War. Red guards has taken the control of Helsinki in the beginning of the civil war. In April German units arrived to Finland about 140 km west from Helsinki. Helsinki 1918 begins from a situation when the German troops have reached the outskirts of Helsinki at Leppävaara and the game covers the whole battle until the surrender of the red units. Third players plays the white guards, which had underground units in Helsinki waiting Germans arrival. Their target is to take control of central Helsinki before Germans to ensure their position after the red guards are defeated.

The game is a hex game, where one hex is approximately 300  meters and one unit counter represents a company. Red guards and Germans had about 6000 men each in the battle, when white side had much less. Even the game is totally different than W1815 there are some game mechanic ideas taken from W1815. The game board size will be about 800 mm x 1000 mm.

Helsinki is the home town of the U&P Games and thus we want to offer a war game of a battle which is not so well known even in Finland. Our plan is publish the game for 100 years anniversary of the battle.