U&P Games’ design archive

Due the lockdown we decided to publish some of our old game design projects available free print and play versions. Many of our projects has entered only once of few times to a gaming table before moved aside due lack of free time or more interested design idea.

These print and play games are far from ready games. Game balance and the rules are not tested fully or maybe not at all. Anyway we will gladly heard feedback. If you feel there might be potential for a game you would like to play in future please let us know and maybe we continue to develop the game ready.


The first print & play game we publish here is Barditus. This game idea was developed quite soon after W1815 was ready. The idea was have a quite fast playing ancient game where both players can build their army by choosing cards. Each card represents a unit and contains information how that type of unit battles.

The documents here contains cards for Romans and Celts/Gauls. You need to print some pages multiple times to get same cards more than once to your army. We have unit rules also for other armies in ancient/medieval period.

You can use W1815 or Helsinki 1918 (or any other) wooden pieces to play this game.